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Total Quest Development Strategy

   Serving our customers is the only reason TOTAL QUEST exists. Customer demand is the 
              fundamental driving force of our development.
    High quality, excellent service, low operation costs, and giving top priority to meeting customer
              requirements to enhance their competitiveness and profitability.
    Continuously performing management transformation to realize efficient process-based  
               organization operation for ensuring high quality end-to-end delivery.
    Developing with our peers in the industry as both competitors and partners to jointly create a
               favourable environment and share the benefits of the value chain

Human Resources

Total Quest employees are a balanced mixture of both Nigerians and foreigners, and qualified specialist in IT, Project Management, Procurement, security, Health & Safety and Accounting Implementations.
Our staffs are trained to a very high standard regularly, for effective delivery of service and anticipation of clients needs.








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